How to use CLOQ as a team timer

CLOQ is a web-based team timer that works without any setup. At this time, you don’t need an account or have to pay anything. It works best in multi-screen environment. Tablets or smartphone do work, but you currently have to work around the auto-lock of your display.

The timer works with as many participants as you want. People only need to access the link you have provided – that's it!


As a facilitator you have the power (and responsibility) to manage the timebox for all the other participants.

  1. Open the CLOQ home page.
  2. Set up/start timer.
  3. Copy and share the link with participants via the button.

It is important you use the Share button. Else your participants will be able to manipulate the timer. Your participants can open a new browser window, open the link and set CLOQ as a small window to the side.

Power Users with macOS

If you want some extended features (which are currently not integrated), you can use the free tool Flotato to generate a “native” macOS app.

Screenshot of Flotato to create your own native CLOQ app
  1. Download and install Flotato.
  2. Start Flotato and select “Make your own”.
  3. Enter as the domain and CLOQ as the title.
  4. Save CLOQ to your applications.
  5. Open CLOQ as an application and use as described above.
  6. With CMD + Shift + P you force “Always on top” behavior.